History of Sumedha College

In 1994, Youth Development Centre (YDC) was established as a non profitable institute with the objectives of , to build well rounded individuals, who are able to perform successfully in an international arena, while remaining true to their Sri Lankan roots and values. It also aim to prevent alcoholism, smoking, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illness that plague our adult community, through education, sports exercise, recreational activities and healthy food habits.

Youth Development Centre is a conglomerate of five main Branches and Sumedha College is one of the five. Sumedha College was started in year 2003, with 20 children and 2 teachers. Our college is a semi government school. We follow the government syllabuses and students are eligible to sit all government examinations.

English is taught from grade 1. We follow government bilingual syllabus. Many extra curricular activities and sports are available for the students. The college is highly committed to give high quality international level education to our students and at the same time maintaining Sri Lankans values and standards.

Italian Trulli

The main objective of the college is to produce patriotic Sri Lankans of international standard. We believe that our past is what makes us the best present, and gives us the ability to be the best in the future as well. The history and traditions of over 13 years are what we believe is a key factor that sets us apart from the rest. These two key parts of Sumedha college enrich the lives of the students in all areas. The College song emphasizes what the value of peace is to a Sumedians. These words always encourage the students to make molding future Sumedians that turn out to be no lesser than the best. The college which began with just 20 students is now a centre for primary and secondary education for more than 3 000 students.

We believe that education is the best general investment one could make for the future. The role of education in the development of a country is incomparable. Taking the goals of education into consideration, an institution such as Sumedha college being a Government approved Private school provides commendable opportunities to develop multifaceted skills and talents of its students. The large sports complex, playing fields, IT laboratories and Multimedia rooms, English language laboratory, Fine art gallery are few developments. IT and aesthetic functions concurrently provide the basis of developing well rounded future citizens.