College Rules & Regulations

  • Sumedha College is a semi-government school and as such follows the year plan set by the Department of Education of the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka.
  • The curriculum we follow and the timetables we implement are created under the guidelines set by the department of education.

  • Sumedha College follows the national school calendar. We start at 7.00 am and school ends at 1.00 pm on any school day. The students should arrive by 6.40 am at the latest. The first bell is rung at 6.55 am and the second bell at 6.57 a.m.
  • Students who arrive late for school will be documented.

  • No student will be entered into the college premises without the school uniform.
  • Bringing mobile phones, all forms of disks, flash drives, music players or any form of software, data storage media or unauthorized hardware into the school premises is strictly prohibited. Prior permission must be taken from the principal to bring in any device into the school premises for educational activities.

  • All students must maintain an attendance record of 80% each year.
  • No student may keep away from school expect on grounds of illness or when leave of absence is approved by the school authorities.
  • Letters or other such documents at a later date will not be accepted. When the period of absence exceeds 3 days, a medical certificate must support the entry in the SRB
  • If a student is absent for a period exceeding two months his/her name will be removed from the class register and will be considered as a child who has left the school.

  • All students must come suitably clad wearing the full school uniform. Unorthodox fashions and styles will not be allowed.
  • Boys (for grade 1 to 9) - ash coloured pair of shorts, - white coloured short sleeved shirt , house badge and a tie.
  • Boys (grade 10 and above) - long white trousers - white coloured short sleeved shirt , house badge and the college tie.
  • Girls - ash coloured pleated skirt, white coloured short sleeved shirt, house badge and and the college tie.
  • All students must wear plain black shoes with white socks. (Fancy shoes, shoes with buckles and coloured laces, coloured socks and socks with words & patterns are not allowed.)
  • Students are expected to wear white long sleeved school shirts if they are prefects or participating in a special event in school.
  • The school logo should be sewn on to the right hand corner of each shirt pocket.
  • Chains, wrist bands and friendship bands are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from entering school with temporary or permanent tattoos.

  • The boys should comb their hair to a side. Long hair, other hairstyles and coloured or tinted hair is strictly prohibited.
  • The girls should wear their hair in two plaits, the end tied with a black ribbon. If they have short hair it should be combed in an appropriate manner. No ornamental accessories are allowed in school.

  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student whose behavior in the school or outside the school is deemed damaging for the name and respect of the school. This should be kept in mind by all students at all times.

  • All inquiries regarding students, must be made from the Admin department by each respective parent. The parent will be directed to the class teacher or the subject teacher accordingly.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit students in their classrooms during school hours unless special permission is granted by the management. Please note that we will not release any details on students other than to their own parents as all student details are strictly confidential.

  • Students should devote as much time as possible for their education at home on a regular basis. Parents should check student’s work daily and make certain that their children are involved in their studies meaningfully. Each student has been instructed to write the date in their respective exercise books at the beginning of each period.

  • Any parent who wish to meet the Principal can do so on any weekday from 7.00 am – 3.00 p.m. Parents can meet the class teachers or subject teachers on every Friday from 1.00 pm to 1.30 p.m.
  • If at any time, you are given a time and date to meet the principal or any teacher, we humbly request you to take the matter seriously and do so at your earliest convenience.

  • We encourage our students to engage in many sports and the special sports fee charged at the beginning of each year enables each child to participate in as many sports as they like.
  • Keep in mind that all students must participate in at least one physical activity and one mental activity as per the rules of the school. Attendance of 80% must be maintained for each activity that the child participates in.
  • Students are allowed to take part in any after school extra/co-curricular activities/practices if they have only attended school on that particular day. Strict action will be taken for students who does not adhere to this rule.
  • No student may join, obtain memberships or participate in activities of any club or society outside school without prior permission from the Management.
  • Student should wear the college uniform or the attire prescribed by the respective Teacher - in Charge when participating in activities relating to sports, clubs and societies either inside or outside the school.
  • Students should obtain prior permission from the principal when participating in Co - Curricular and extra curricular activities outside the school and it is necessary that the respective Teacher - in Charge should accompany the student(s).
  • The students shall always maintain the dignity of the school and strictly follow the rules and regulations of the school. They should not indulge in any activity which will be harmful to the respect and name of the school. Otherwise the administration will be compelled to take strong disciplinary actions against them.
  • When students participate in Co-curricular and extra curricular activities outside school it must be kept in mind that their conduct should reflect the true spirit of Sumedha College.
  • spirit of Sumedha College.  No student should engage in any disreputable activity that may cause inconvenience to the general public because such behaviour will bring disgrace to the school
  • If anyone wants to be excused from practices, a letter of excuse must be produced to the Teacher in Charge.
  • Students cannot represent Sumedha College if he/ she is not a registered member of the college team. Any such victories and certificates will not be eligible at the time of selection of prefects or when receiving college colours.
  • Students who does not participate in any extra-curricular or co-curricular activity will not be considered for prefectship.
  • The school playground, indoor stadiums and other such areas are open until 9 p.m. on any given day. (The complex is closed only on Poya days).

  • It is compulsory for all students to be attired in the standard uniform, in representing the College. This includes, white long sleeved shirt, Ash shorts and the college tie.

  • Only the achievements duly recorded and certified by the respective teachers in this record book or prior record books will be mentioned in the character certificate.
  • All certificates including the character certificate will be issued by the Admin Department. Please note that you need to make a request 3 days prior to the Admin Department before receiving any certificate from the college.
  • All students must obtain the character certificate within a year after leaving school. When coming to school (for obtaining character / leaving certificates or any other related issues) its essential to be properly attired respecting the values of the school. The original birth certificate submitted on the day of the admission will be returned only when the child collects the leaving certificate.
  • All students must be attired in the uniform until they leave the school.

  • The term fees should be paid at the beginning of each term to the main office.
  • Those who fail to pay on time will be fined a penalty based on the time period.
  • Unless authorised by the Management, teachers are strictly prohibited from collecting money from parents.
  • Defaulters will be notified of their due payments and strict action will be taken if the issue persists.
  • The management does not allow any member of the staff to collect money for other matters in school. We request all parents to adhere to this rule by making any payments to the YDC general office.

  • Breakfast, Tea, Lunch and water, etc., should be brought from home or purchased from the school canteen. Students are not permitted to purchase any food item from any outlet outside the school premises during school hours. Please note that we take disciplinary action against the students who visit food stalls outside the college premises, during school hours.
  • Students are allowed to enter the canteen before school commences or during the interval.

  • The Youth Development Centre (YDC) comprises of a general office, gymnasium, school canteen, bookshop, supermarket, pharmacy, and a salon. All students and all family members are encouraged to use these facilities.
  • Operational Times :
    YDC General Office - 07.00 am - 08.30 pm
    YDC Gymnasium - 06.00 am - 10.00 pm
    YDC Canteen - 06.00 am - 10.00 pm
    YDC Bookshop - 06.30 am - 08.30 pm
    YDC Supermarket - 06.30 am - 08.30 pm
    YDC Pharmacy - 07.00 am - 08.00 pm
    YDC Salon - 09.00 am - 06.00 pm

  • There are two designated areas for parking outside the college premises for all vehicles and a four-storied bicycle park for all bicycles and motorcycles. We request all parents to use the parking facilities provided as not to cause any traffic congestion at any given time.